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WINDOWS 10: 32-bit & 64-bit options.
Q:Will PayDay run on my new computer with Windows 10?
A: Yes. "PayDay 2017" will run on both the 32-and 64-bit versions. It is also compatible with Winows 7.
Our "XP" version is only available to current customers, but we encourage users to upgrade to Win 7 or 10 and take advantage of the new features in PayDay.


Q: What is the Renewal key?
A: It is a code which allows you access to the payroll.
A new key is needed every quarter, and will be issued once payment for the current quarterly licence has been confirmed.

Q:  Is there a PayDay manual?
A: Yes! It is within the programme, and you access it by pressing the F1 key, or choosing Help from the top menu.
Please note that our staff can be contacted by cellphone out of normal office hours for urgent consultation.

Q. Can I get the latest rates from ZIMRA?
A: ZIMRA have a web site with lots of information, including the latest PAYE rates. Click here to connect to ZIMRA: 

Q. Where can I get some practical information and advice on Labour Legislation?
A: Howard Dean runs Aquamor, providing very useful information and advice on a range of legislative and HR-related matters. Contact Howard  at this address This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it  .

Touchstone's "HR and  PAYROLL RETREAT"
Q. How did the inaugral Retreat go?
A. Very well. The enthusiastic group not only had a breath of fresh air by the Zambezi, but had fresh ideas opened up during the workshop sessions, too. Great presentations from the economist, John Robertson, and Memory Nguwi from APC. Plans are being made for a follow up in 2019.


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