Touchstone Computer Systems has been  a major provider of computerized payroll software and support services in Southern Africa for over 30 years.

Touchstone has  clients in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana.

The flagship product is PayDay, the Microsoft Windows-based payroll suited to the Windows  7 and 10 environments. It is fully networkable, and is multi-user.

Touchstone offers numerous training options at its Training Centre in Harare for companies' Payroll, HR and Finance staff.

Basic courses on Labour Legislation are offered for those new to payroll, and also for Workers' Committees.

Touchstone also runs evening-classes for the IPTA diploma in Payroll and Tax Administration.(These are temporarily on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic)

Seminars are regularly run for Top Executives and Auditors on various ways tomanage the company payroll and  reduce the likelihood of payroll fraud.

Touchstone, and its agents also offer Payroll Bureau Facilities. and are currently processing the pay for more than 100 companies.  Their confidential services are especially appreciated by companies for whom they process the Executive payrolls.


Latest Updates

Payday January 

Zimbabwe tax rates
changed from 1st January 2021
(Click on Downloads, and choose PayDay)
Please note there are 3 updates and you should choose the one applicable to your payroll - single or dual currency Versions to use with USD or ZWL tax tables.
     1st January 2021

Contact Details

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(after more than 30 years!)
19 Phillips Ave

Phone: +263 712 422 084
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